Unlock Your Hip Flexors To Feel New Stream Of Energy!

Do you know that you can unlock your hip flexors and keep your body healthy, maintain high energy and have a stronger immune system?

It is a way of exercise which can be done anywhere and anytime. You can do this at home, school or work. Moreover, this simple exercise can give you a lot of health benefits. This includes getting rid of back pains, losing belly fats, gaining a stronger body, being more dynamic at work, and stimulates the immune system.

Having a busy lifestyle is affecting one’s health. It could drain the energy, weaken the immune system, and cause illnesses such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, body aches, and more. It is this concern that health experts introduce the significance of unlocking hip flexors to gain more energy and keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle.

What are hip flexors?

Hip flexors are the inner hip muscles connected to the hip joint. It mainly allows the upper leg bone to bend. As explained in Live Strong, the hip flexor muscles are responsible for the upper movement of the knee and allow the thighs to reach the abdomen. This group of muscles is an essential part of the spinal stabilizers and the core muscles.

Unfortunately, hip flexors become tight and shortened as we age. The shortening of these muscles result to hip imbalance that can affect other parts of the body. That’s why it is important to exercise the hip muscles to keep it from tightening.

Five Ways to Unlock Hip Flexors and Release a New Stream of Energy

The Butterfly Stretch

First, you have to sit on the floor and bring your legs together into a butterfly position. Make sure that your back is straight. Second, you have to drive your knees down onto the floor to perform the stretch. Do it for 25 seconds and release. You have to do it repeatedly for at least ten times.


The Baby Pose Stretch

First, lie down on your back and raise your knees towards your belly. Second, use your hand to hold the outsides of your feet then inhale and exhale. Next, open your knees as wide as possible drawing it down to the floor while flexing your feet. Hold this pose for 60 seconds then release.

The Sumo Squat to stand

You have to bend your waist and have your hands grab to your big toes. You have to keep your arms straight and inside your knees. Make sure your hips are pulled down to your ankles, and your chest is up. Next, tuck your chin then try to straighten your legs while holding your toes.

The Lizard Pose

First, you have to do the crawling position, make sure your hands and forearms rest towards the mat. Second, stretch your left foot backward and you back toes must be rooted on the carpet; knees may be on or off it. Third, position your right foot forward and sink your hips, lowering it towards the ground. Then rest your chest and aim for level shoulders. You have to look forward so you could keep your chest open.

The Seated Straddle Stretch

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs apart. Second, bend your hips keeping your head up while reaching for one foot. Hold this position for 15 seconds and do it again on the other side.

Keep your hip flexors healthy by stretching them regularly. Regular stretches keep them long and supple. Plus, these exercises are an excellent way to prepare your body for any strenuous activities.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors with This Stretch