Why Health Insurance Might Be More Important Than You Think

If you’re healthy, you would possibly think insurance isn’t necessary. Here are some reasons to reconsider. after we give some thought to the importance of insurance, our mind often goes to the worst-case scenario. Certainly, insurance is critical in the case of a significant injury or illness.

High medical bills are the highest reason why Americans consider taking money out of retirement or filing for bankruptcy.

Health Insurance Makes Treatment more cost-effective
When you purchase insurance, you begin benefiting immediately. whether or not your plan incorporates a deductible — the out-of-pocket amount you would like to pay before your coverage fully kicks in. Plus, having health coverage can put you in an exceedingly better position to stop or spot difficult — and infrequently costly — illnesses timely.

Preventive Care Helps You Stay Healthy
Chronic disease management is additionally covered, and other health screenings are free, like those for force per unit area, diabetes, cancer, and depression. whether or not you eat right, exercise, and are currently healthy, the chance of accident or illness is often present. Having insurance could also be the difference between getting treatment for a health issue and not getting treated before it causes longer-term damage.

Consider the story of Kim from Atwater, California. After signing up for a health plan through Covered California, Kim was able to get a colonoscopy and learned that she had an aggressive variety of cancer. Through this early screening, Kim was ready to get the surgery she needed before the cancer spread.

Since 2020, a replacement state mandate requires that Californians have insurance. Californians who fail to try and do so and don’t qualify for an exemption are charged a minimum of $800 for every adult that’s not covered come tax time. the nice news is that financial help can reduce the prices of insurance for more people than ever before. to determine if you qualify, try Covered California’s interactive calculator.

Peace of Mind
When you purchase a health plan through Covered California, you’ll be confident in your coverage. All insurance plans through Covered California cover certain essential health benefits, including laboratory services, prescribed drugs, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental and behavioral health, emergency services, and more.

Confidence creates peace of mind, allowing you to measure your life to the fullest. regardless of how young or healthy you’re, nobody is proof against accidents. Staying covered allows you to try and do the activities you like without the strain of a possible injury — and also the associated cost — weighing on your mind.