Ten Reasons Why Biking Is Good For Your Health

Cycling is super healthy for many reasons. Let’s take a look at these top 10 reasons why cycling is good for your health. Grab your bike and start cycling today.

Cycling increases your fat burning

Do you want to lose some fat? Cycling is a very good way to achieve this goal. Cycling for half an hour a day already starts the fat burning process. And the burning process doesn’t stop during the cycle. Thanks to the constant increase in your active muscle tissue.

To burn fat optimally, it is recommended to cycle at an average speed. Not too hard, because then you burn more carbohydrates instead of fat. But not too slowly, because then not enough is happening in your body. Choose a pace that makes you feel comfortable and sporty. Check out these recommended mountain bikes for you.

Cycling leads to better muscle building

Cycling is very good for your whole body because you gradually get stronger muscles after regular cycling. This increases your stamina so that you can cycle longer and longer stretches without your effort.

The great thing about cycling is that the risk of injuries is minimal. You put less strain on your muscles and joints as compared to other exercises like running. But of course, the effects are almost on the same level as biking.

Cycling reduces stress

Cycling is great for relaxation, especially if you cycle outside because you can look around you at the same time and enjoy beautiful views. You can leave your everyday worries behind and clear your mind. Especially after a busy working day, the positive effects on your mental health will not go unnoticed.

Cycling improves your resistance

Cycling is beneficial for your immune system, especially when you cycle regularly. If you cycle for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day 5 or more days a week, your body will become stronger and better able to ward off viruses and flu. Notice how those who cycle every day to work seldom call in sick? It’s because, with their daily cycling routine, their resistance has improved greatly.

Cycling can prevent many diseases

When you move often, your blood will flow better. In this way, various waste products are optimally removed from your body. Your body will also become stronger and more resistant to all kinds of diseases and conditions. So you will seldom, if not at all, acquire flu. Resistance to many viruses is what we need especially in these days of Corona pandemic.

Cycling lowers high cholesterol

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? This means that your LDL cholesterol is too high and your HDL possibly too low. Are you taking medication for this? Then more sports and cycling is an absolute must. Your LDL cholesterol will drop, while your HDL will be increased.

Cycling reduces the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a common problem in many countries. The proportion of the population suffering from type 2 diabetes has skyrocketed in recent years, mainly due to obesity. Cycling is an excellent way to prevent type 2 diabetes.

When you cycle about 3 times a week, your body is more capable to remove sugar (glucose) from the blood more easily. As a result, your blood sugar will drop.

Cycling is good for your brain

Studies show that there is a demonstrable relationship between sports and an increase in brain activity. When you exercise, your heart has to pump harder. These so-called heart contractions automatically increase brain activity.

In addition, the blood circulation in your brain increases and your brain receives more oxygen. This provides more sharpness, clarity, and better memory. There are even studies concluding that exercise could be a good remedy for Alzheimer’s.

Cycling ensures that you sleep deeper and better

Do you often suffer from restless nights, or do you find it difficult to fall asleep? Then you must exercise more. Cycling, in particular, is an excellent way to sleep better, deeper, and more pleasantly. If you cycle for half an hour every day, you will notice that you need much less time to fall asleep. In most cases, you also sleep longer.

It is also true that exercising in the open air has many positive effects on your health. The fresh air provides your brain with the necessary oxygen. You can also relax in nature. And because you are outside and see a lot of daylight, your body will have a better biorhythm. Your body will tire faster at night when it gets dark. As a result, you fall asleep better and you will sleep more peacefully.

Cycling is very good for the mind

When you ride, your general sense of well-being will improve. Besides the fact that your brain gets a boost, cycling also reduces stress and gives you more space in your mind. It is almost a form of meditation, especially when you are cycling outside.

You can put things into perspective. Cycling creates a space in your head so that there wouldn’t be room for stress and worry. Cycling makes you fit, strong, healthy, and happy!

Amazing Benefits Of Cycling!